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June 8 - Modcon Living & Spectrum Housing Assist Project

Modcon Living is pleased to partner with Spectrum on June 8 as part of the Spectrum Housing Assist program.

As part of our commitment to improve 75 homes in Prairie Township by 2020, we will team up with Spectrum Housing Assist volunteers to help Gary E. with needed home repairs and property maintenance.

As part of Spectrum’s philanthropic initiative called Spectrum Housing Assist, the company provides critical home repairs across the U.S. by partnering with nonprofit organizations like Modcon Living and engaging its employees as volunteers. The company has set a goal to improve 50,000 homes by 2020. 

June 8 volunteers with help with the following:

  • Clean & check gutters and downspouts

  • Repair soffits and fascia, install temporary drip edge and re-hang gutters

  • Power wash siding and awnings

  • Paint awnings and wrought iron porch support

  • Repair side double gate

  • Trim bushes, ivy, phlox and other ground covers to clear sidewalk

  • Remove honeysuckle bush and other overgrown vegetation in backyard

  • Level ground and install two rain barrels using the existing paver bricks

  • Prep garden for planting

  • Paint shed

  • Empty all containers and store

  • Organize other materials

Spectrum Housing Assist Partners with Modcon Living

Spectrum Housing Assist Partners with Modcon Living